In this part of our lives, we're dealing with this new period of isolation to protect ourselves and each other. It's essential to practice social distancing and I wanted to illustrate that through food. We're so used to cooking and eating with our loved ones. If you're anything like me, you love to cook and entertain guests so this is quite a new adjustment. Stay inside, stay safe, and remember to make a #mealforone.
Obatala is a Yoruba Deity who is believed to be responsible for the creation of Man. He's interesting to me because he's so relatable. He may be a God, but he makes human mistakes and actually admits his wrongs and takes responsibility for his actions. He promotes peace and serenity and has devoted his entire life to serving others in need and I funks with that heavily. These frames illustrate the story of how he floats down from the heavens with a gold chain and creates the earth and man out of nothing but a palm nut, a chicken, a snail shell full of sand, and some clay.

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